To be a leading edge and exemplary private medical center in providing total quality healthcare service to community with specialized, comprehensive integrated health care facilities and medical professionals.



Our mission is to reach quality healthcare service and livelong well-being with a legacy of clinical excellence and a tradition of patient centered care by providing the better and better total healthcare.



1.To foster and promote the primary healthcare service in private sector.
2.To deliver comprehensive and integrative healthcare  service to community.
3.To make specialized care which is more personalized and accessible, one-stop medical service center to both local and international patients.
4. To provide competitive and international standard health care service in local as well as in abroad by co-operating and collaborating with international medical centers, professionals and experts.



1.To have consistently demonstrated quality outcomes those bring full percent satisfaction to patient, their families and the entire community for a wide range of medical conditions.
2.To initiate and expand the healthcare packages dedicated to company  and enterprises by opening additional services like planning regular check up, providing standby consultation and supports regarding to occupational health and environmental health which implied to fully comprehensive approach.
3.To build up a high-grade international standard medical centre fully integrated with investigative facilities and advanced technologies.



1.To establish a big sales centre for pharmaceutical products, medical equipments and pharmacy from variety of manufacturers.
2.To collaborate with foreign business organizations promoting exporting and importing medical as well as non-medical products and functioning services in achieving our aims and objectives.