The Aung Yadana general hospital is founded as a private general hospital established in 1998 which was started as an out-patient specialist poly-clinic by providing quality primary health care services in private sector. After 4 years success of out-patient specialist clinic, we discovered the potential of our endeavors and healthcare needs in community, so we took first step in motion as more comprehensive and integrated specialist medical centre which can provide 24-hour in-patient and out-patient service, delivery care embedded with special nursing care. Additionally, minor or major surgical intervention can be done easily with full facilities, finest hygiene and 24 hours accessible. Total 50 private single rooms, one economy compound (12 beds) and one delivery compound were outfitted to standard of hospitals, with an array of suites, single or compound rooms for offering full complement specialist service, patient comfort and consolation.



Located in near the heart of Yangon city, and just a 20-minutes drive from Yangon International Airport, Aung Yanada hospital provides medical tourists with ample opportunities to enjoy the city delights and context.
Hospital – No.5/24, Thirigon Estate, Waizayantar Road, 16/2 ward, Thingankyun T/S, Yangon.
Clinic – No.1, Yadanar Road, 16/2 ward, Thingankyun T/S, Yangon


Medical Service

With an extensive network of great medical professionals and specialists, Aung Yadana general hospital had moved its long journey of distinguished history over a decade and you are guaranteed to rely on us entirely. From minor complaints like coughs and colds to chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, even complex illnesses requiring specialist treatment and multidisciplinary intervention, we are well-placed to handle your every need.